Life Relaunch
for Women

A 2-Day Experience Bringing 
Healing & Freedom to Women

One Life-Changing Experience.


The Life Relaunch Experience is a transformative, spiritually moving, and heart-changing experience providing a path for women to develop a closer relationship with Jesus.


The Life Relaunch Experience responds to each woman’s need for healing from traumatic life events – spiritual heart wounds and soul injuries – that sometimes occur even early in life.


Guided by a team of Life Relaunch Facilitators, women are led to a deeper understanding of the spiritual battle for their hearts and minds. 

Two Days.

One Life-Changing Experience.

It is easy to get started

Your First Step

Set aside some time to participate in a Women’s Life Relaunch Experience. Head to our Events page to sign up for one of the many events that we have going on around the country each month. 

The Experience

Attend a two-day event that will address your individual heart and soul wounds – whether it be an early childhood trauma, abuse, neglect, death of a loved one, recurring sin patterns, grief, divorce, lies from the enemy, or “masks” that you wear to cover up insecurities or negative emotions.  

A Changed Life

Fulfill your God given calling & help others do the same, as you walk with confidence and love for God and others. Enjoy the intimate fellowship with our Heavenly Father that He always intended for you to have with Him.


Discover the joy of transparent relationships, where the masks come down and you are seen for who you really are– a woman loved by God.


Learn how to live a life of integrity and honor before your Father in heaven, with a supportive community of other women.


You have the authority to overcome sin and death and gain a deeper trust in God’s Word as you learn to operate in the authority of Jesus. 


Listening to, obeying, and following the Holy Spirit will allow you to hear God’s voice in your life, firsthand.


Workshops for Healing & Freedom

When you attend a 2-day Life Relaunch event, you can count on connecting with other women who have walked a similar path as you. Throughout the two days, we will help you address the circumstances you faced and the decisions you made in order to receive the healing God is freely offering to you. 

“Those who are spiritually wounded, in times of transition, or seeking a new direction and purpose in life will find the Life Relaunch Experience to be a breath of fresh air.”

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The Crisis Among Women

We live in a seemingly, ultra connected society and yet, women have never felt more isolated and alone. While everyone around us is presenting the prettiest and shiniest version of themselves, many women feel the need to hide their real, true selves, which has resulted in deep hurts and wounds remaining unhealed.  Women are hiding and ignoring these hurts, quietly suffering in ways that most people around them will never know, even those closest to them. Many women are living in quiet desperation, with deep spiritual heart wounds and soul injuries. It is an epidemic of despair. 

These wounds often dictate the decisions we make and the relationships that we have.  Unfortunately, we can see the negative patterns of our behavior because we have not dealt with the trauma, emotional and physical abuse, neglect, lies, abandonment, grief and stress from our past.

Life Relaunch was developed because these heart and soul wounds have not only had a devastating effect on our physical and emotional wellbeing, but have neutralized or even waylaid our walk with Jesus. 

Many women are not fully experiencing the freedom and abundant life that Jesus has purchased for us – and Women’s Life Relaunch aims to change that.

You’re not alone. Women across our society are struggling just like you (or your loved one).

The consequences of these self-destructive behaviors can trap a woman in a “small world with small dreams,” living in isolation or with unfulfilled relationships.

We see the evidence of the crisis in women across all socioeconomic levels, ages, and places in society, whether in rehabilitation centers or at the country club.  Sadly, there is little difference in the broader community of struggling believers. 

However, few are helping women to heal their heart wounds and soul injuries, yet it is the primary solution. This is the crisis women face today. 

Is it time to transform and restore your heart so you can walk in greater freedom? Do you know a woman that you can invite that needs healing and encouragement? Join us for a weekend that will change your life.


The most impactful thing that happened for me, here at Life Relaunch, was the story time, where I got to share my story with another individual, a leader. I feel like that was very intimate and personal....I believe it was very divine, I felt like God designed that.....

Kaela Griffin

Women's life relaunch experience

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“Those who are spiritually wounded, in times of transition, or seeking a new direction and purpose in life will find the Life Relaunch Experience to be a breath of fresh air.” 

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